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The West Africa sub-region is ravaged by corruption, greed and selfishness. These vices in our society have almost collectively jettisoned the cherished ideas and dreams of the founding fathers of the Community.

In the developed world, ethical standards, integrity and high morals are the cherished by all. Unfortunately, the opposite seems to be the case in the sub-region.

Most of our leaders are visionless and have no political will, while some of our businessmen don’t believe they can succeed by righteousness. Instead of marching forward as a community, there is retrogression due to avoidable acts and policies.

It is the belief that moral regeneration is the key to the eradication of most of the ills bedeviling the sub-region today. It is therefore expedient to identify and recognize men and women of integrity in the region, in the hope that such honesty will be replicated and emulated by others in the society, believing that this will enhance the ethical behavior of our people.

There is already an ethical wind of change blowing in some West African States. In support of the efforts of these purposeful governments, bodies and individuals, West Africa Nobles Forum (WANF) was established on the 8th of October, 2003 in Accra, Ghana. Today, it has membership strength of about 2,000 cut across the sub-region.

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